The Amazon Herb Supplements Health Benefits

Over 20 years of experience in Amazonian botanicals have made the Amazon Herb Company a leader in superior Rainforest nutrition. With the Amazon Herb Supplements the company is committed to a positive sustainable future for the Rainforest and all its inhabitants and is your partner in wellness.

Why should we be so concerned about saving the rainforest?

There was the discovery of Sangra de Drago. This is a tree whose sap is deep red and its leaves are heart shaped. This contains 90% of the most potent dietary antioxidant and is very effective against Cardiovascular disease – our #1 killer and health challenge. It is used internally as well as externally by the local people of the Rainforest.

Then we have the discovery of Graviola deep in the jungle along the Amazon River. It has been proven effective against 12 or more cancers – our #2 killer.

Since pharmaceuticals are our #3 killer, we have Amazon Herb supplements to keep us from needing little or no pharmaceuticals. After all we do not get sick from a lack of pharmaceuticals but a lack of nutrition our body needs over a period of time. The peoples of the rainforest do not have the diseases we face in our culture. Why?

The typical American diet is poor in nutrition. In 1934 Congress did a study on our soils and found that they were so depleted in minerals that we will not be able to maintain our health without health supplements. Our foods are mostly commercially grown, they are grown to be cosmetically appealing and last a long time on the shelf. They are chemically colored and picked green. Our foods are largely processed in which much of the necessary nutrients and enzymes are killed. We eat more dead foods than live foods. The herbs for the Amazon Herb supplements are picked and harvested at their peek thus containing all the nutrients they are created to have.

We all want to have more energy, fewer doctor visits, feeling better and staying healthier. So how do we bridge from the present health problems in America over to our ideal health picture? Our diet still remains to be the single most influential factor in overall human health. You need to focus on a good “back to basics” balanced diet with supplements that fills in the blanks and the Amazon Herb Supplements are perfect.

Why? Because naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients are more complete and absorbable by the body. There are a lot of natural chemicals and enzymes within a whole food that your body uses. Whole food is balanced – a whole carrot, apple or salad for instance is a balanced food within itself. When these are eaten, your body takes them as a whole and uses them in a balanced way – your body knows what it needs and can have available what it needs in whole foods. When you take the typical supplements that list Vitamin A, B, C, E, various minerals – you are taking a fractionated food.

The Amazon Herb supplements are whole wild foods from the rainforest which is grown in a toxic-free environment and processed in a way which concentrates the plant’s beneficial compounds in the same way as in the living plant. These Amazon Herb Supplements add to your diet food that is not available in our typical American diet. Food that is whole and complete and your body needs to cleanse, nourish, balance and rebuild itself.

These Amazon Herb supplements detoxifies and alkalines the body and gives the immune system a needed boost. This is essential in disease prevention which is the key to living a healthier life style and protecting yourself from most of the degenerating diseases that come with our toxic environment. A good daily health program gives you benefits now as well as lay a good foundation for your future. The power and effectiveness of the Amazon Herb supplements is in their wholeness as wild foods.

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